In winemaking, the grapes are sorted, de-stemmed, crushed and then fed into the stainless steel tanks for fermentation.

In the winery, traditional knowledge coexists with techniques and equipment at the cutting edge of modernity. Therefore, maturing our wine in our oak barrels or in our temperature controlled vats allows us to manage the maceration process according to our goals.

But whatever the vintage, our wines are regularly monitored by our winemaker Marilyne Bouix , who keeps track of all transactions on the estate's wines: from the fermentation and aging until the bottling carried out at the chateau.

It is with great care that we preserve and beautify the qualitative and aromatic potential of our grapes.


Wine cellars
Our 50 french oak barrels used to leave blending operate and exalt the pile of wood tannins with those grapes, to bring a more complex wine and an upper structure, perfectly suited to aging.
Modern fermenting room
Our modern fermenting room of 264 thousand gallions includes a winemaking cellar of 178 thousand gallions containing stainless steel vats, a wine cellar coutaining around 85 thousand gallions as well as a storehouse for bottles, with a capacity of 120 000 bottles, providing a dark and ideal place for wine to quietly reach perfection.


Château Saint-Sulpice  
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