Ground Work

Committed to the EMS approach (Environmental Management System), we have opted for viticulture, which respects the environment. We work the soil as before, minimizing chemicals.

So, to ensure the good condition of our soils, grass is planted between every second row, this limits the use of herbicides and makes it easier for the machines too.


We prefer manual work for pruning, de-budding, trellising and leaf removal.

Our grapes are pruned using the typical Bordlais method. This allows enough space between the bunches, therefore increasing  the quality of the grapes, which limits disease, decay and also the use of chemicals.


A tasting is conducted at the vineyard and this helps us determine the optimal date related to fruit ripening.

The harvest is done mechanically and harvesting the grapes at the right time for better control production costs.


Château Saint-Sulpice  
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